DIYne with pizza 9


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for joining us for the first episode of our new web-series DIYne With Pizza 9. In this web-series each episode will showcase 2 pizzas; one that is currently NOT on our Pizza 9 menu, but you may see as a limited time offer in the future, and one pizza that is ALWAYS on our menu.

For this episode, we will be showing you how to make a taco pizza and our Green Chile Stuffed Crust Lobo pizza.

Big shout out to Bueno for partnering with us on the first episode and for letting us use your wonderful products in the video as well as to Barelas for providing us with delicious pinto beans.

Today we're experimenting on how to make a delicious s'more pizza with a chocolate stuffed crust. We also show you how to make our Deluxe Double Dish pizza, which is an EXTRA deep dish pizza with all your favorite toppings.

It is currently pumpkin spice season, so we decided to see if we could do the unthinkable and make the WORLD'S FIRST PUMPKIN SPICE-y PIZZA! At least that we know of... We don't think we will be adding this to our menu any time soon, but if you try this recipe at home let us know!