pizza eating contest

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  1. All contestants must Register/Check-In before entering the contestant’s area.

  2. During Check-In all contestants will be required to sign a waiver. Those who fail to sign the waiver will not be allowed to compete.

  3. Only registered contestants will be allowed in the contestant’s area.

  4. All contestants must remain within their assigned table-space during their round.

  5. All contestants must place their hands on top of the table at the start AND finish of their round. Each round will be 10 minutes long.

  6. All contestants must keep their hands above the table at all times during the course of their round.

  7. No contestant may cause anybody or anything to be moved into another contestant’s table-space. Contestants must keep their hands to themselves and within their designated area.

  8. All contestants will be assigned a particular round and table-space number. This is determined by lottery.

  9. During each round all contestants will have exactly 10 minutes to eat as many slices of pizza as they are able.

  10. If a contestant gets “sick” during their round it will result in an automatic disqualification.

  11. Intentional food/water spitting may result in a disqualification.

  12. Audible ‘warnings’ during each round will occur when 2 minutes remain and when 10 seconds remain.

  13. All contestants will be provided a continuous supply of pizza slices in boxes that contain 8 pizza slices each.

  14. All pizzas will be equally cut into 8 slices from a 14” Large Cheese Pizza.

  15. Each contestant is solely responsible for keeping track of all his/her own boxes so they can be tallied up by a judge at the end of each round.

  16. Only those pizza slices that are completely eaten during each 10 minute round will be counted. Slices remaining on the table, pizza boxes, ground, etc. will not be counted.

  17. Partially eaten slices and slices still remaining in the contestant’s mouth will not be counted. Pizza consumed after the conclusion of the 10 minute round will NOT be counted.

  18. At the sound of the ‘Finish-Buzzer’ (at the end of each round) all contestants must immediately return their hands to their own table-space and open their mouths.

  19. The contestant that has legally eaten the most pizza slices wins.

  20. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a high-card draw.

  21. All decisions made by the judges will be final.

  22. Disqualified contestants will NOT receive a refund for their registration fee.

  23. Prize presentations will commence after the last pizza eating round.