Our History


Our Founder and CEO, Hasan "Hass" Aslami, spent much of his life operating restaurants all over the world. Through the years he developed a profound love for the pizza business and a passion for franchising.

After having spent time living in Chicago, Hass and his business partner and our President, Behrad "Rod" Etemadi, brought a Chicago Style Pizza concept to the Land of Enchantment.

Together they opened the first Pizza 9 restaurant on October 1, 2008, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The following year they sold their first franchise and have continued selling Pizza 9 Franchises with locations now open across the southwest.


Our Vision


At Pizza 9 we’ve found that the best people to help build a local business are the locals. Your neighbors, friends, family, veterans, and teachers; these are the owners that have helped us make Pizza 9 as great as it is today! We all share one common goal, to deliver you the best quality food with even better service.

No matter where you dine with us, you’ll find that our food isn’t average, and neither are we! We spend our time perfecting our product to provide you with only the freshest and finest ingredients.

We proudly serve Chicago Style Pizza & More! We say more because it’s much more than just Pizza! Yes, we serve pizza with our delicious, crisp dough made fresh daily but we also provide our customers with many more options such as hot sandwiches, pasta, soups, and salads. Pizza 9 is always something they are in the mood for.

Come visit your local Pizza 9 today! Say hello to the owner and enjoy the best-tasting pizza you will ever have. We look forward to seeing you!