Contact Pizza 9 Corporate Office

115 Gold Avenue SW, Suite 205C
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Toll Free: 877.366.9992
Corporate Office: 505.764.3782 or 505.764.3783
101 Gold Ave Restaurant: 505.843.6463
Fax: 505.764.3711

PO Box 21614
Albuquerque, NM 87154

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17 Responses to “Contact Pizza 9 Corporate Office”

  1. dell neal

    Looks like good pizza,

    Pittsfield Ma

  2. Lindy

    My Girl Scout troop recently had lunch at your Gold location. Your staff was extremely helpful, courteous and really went the extra mile for us. We were so impressed! The store was clean and the staff was great. We cannot say enough about your food, staff and quality. We will definately be going back. Thanks for putting the customer first!

  3. Mike

    Hi, I recently purchased one of your salads. Very good—except. Overkill on the lettuce and not nearly enough tomatoes, cucumbers and the rest of it. Double thatand you’llhave a winner!

  4. Larry

    Yeah, I have to concur with Lindy above – great place, friendly and clean environment. We’ve eaten at the downtown and Rio Rancho locations and were pleased with both experiences.

  5. DL

    I’m on to your bread nuggets… they look like a cheese pizza… but it requires you to do more work…

  6. Laura

    We ordered a pizza and a calzone on Sunday from your Rio Rancho location that was out of this world. The ingredients are so fresh. The pizza is NOT greasy like ‘other’ places. It was so good that we are ordering it again tonight (2 days later) because we can’t stop thinking about it. You all blow the competition away.

  7. Galen & Colleen

    Our experience @ Pizza 9 in Rio Rancho is always top notch due to the owner Nguyen!! I don’t think there is another place in NM that has an owner operator with equal attitude towards customers and serving them. He is always happy to please and on the ball with friendly approach. The food is always just as we like or ordered and enjoyable to say the least. Nguyen has a couple of dedicated customers for sure!

    We want to say Thank You Nguyen!!! :)

  8. Diltrice

    Hi Pizza Nine!
    I just tried your pizza today for the first time and it was great! Do you have any nutritional information to go along with your menu?

  9. Susy

    Your Chicago beef and Italian sausage sandwich is to die for. Meat is tender and the sausage has bite. Now if you get the hot peppers on it. Yum!!!!


    My favorite store is on Gibson the night crew so nice always smiling I love everything on the menu The pizza has to best I have ever tasted . :)

  11. Alex

    We love pizza9. I got my boyfriend hooked for life. I think its one of the best places in town and I am glad to see you guys expanding so you can share the awesome goodness with more people. Keep it up!

  12. Ryan B.

    Had my 1st Pizza Nine pizza tonight. OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Had the “Veggie” and the kids did 1/2 cheese and pepperoni. Service was great and was at the front door in 35 minutes just like they said. So good I’ll wait an hour for it. As a small business owner in ABQ to another…I’ll never order another pizza from those “chains” again! Ryan B. Ventana Ranch 10++++++

  13. Ron T

    Best hidden pizza gem in ABQ. Staff is great and food is delicious. I have made a few referrals to your place,

  14. Jim

    WOW!!!! I ordered Deep Fire Eatter and a triple D , And I just want to say What a Great Pizza, both of them, The Sauce HAS FLAVOR, The Dough HAS FLAVOR, I have lived here all my Life, and to ME, Your pizza is the Best in this city.
    Thank you for some Great Pie’s.

  15. Brian Bustamante

    While in Albuquerque a few weeks ago, my family ate your wonderful pizza! It was absolutely amazing! Best I have ever had!!!!
    My wife has family in Albuquerque and we are just hearing about you guys! We are from Amarillo, TX and there isn’t a place here that even comes close!!!
    Can you mail us some?!? :)
    Can’t wait to get back there and chow down! Keep up the good work!!!

  16. Tony & Amber

    GOOD FOOD GREAT SERVICE ALL IN ONE. There use to be a guy there by the name of Sean. I think he was a area or general manager or something like that maybe he was a partial owner I’m not sure. I use to see him at all the stores. I know he opened the Eubank location a while back. He seemed to have tough standards for the stores he was in and always treated his customers and staff with respect . Anyhow I have been a long time customer of Pizza 9 and always will be thanks to Sean. His values have stayed with the company since he left. Hope he is doing well one of the employees at the Gibson location told me he had a major heart attack a while back my best wishes are with him and his family and I hope he can eventually come back to Pizza 9 one day I think he was one of the major people that made Pizza 9 what it is today. If you could add a little more goddies on the salads that would be GREAT. Keep up the good work and if you see Sean please give him my best.


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